The Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe

Are you ready? Because this recipe is a game changer!

And I like to call it The Anti-Cancer Smoothie.

the anti cancer smoothie recipe

Prevention is better than cure.

Why is this smoothie anti-cancerous?
Because almost every ingredient it contains is a powerful cancer fighter!

There’s evidence to show that ginger has chemo-preventative effects. It is found to have many compounds with anti cancerous activities. It destroys cancer cells through two distinct cell death pathways called Apoptosis (a normal physiological process in which your body removes genetically damaged cells and unwanted cells) and Autophagy (derived from the Greek words “auto” meaning self and “phagy” meaning eating, it is a normal physiological process in the body that deals with destruction of cells in the body). The author of the book “The doctor who cures cancer – (USA link)” apparently cured his cancer by taking a mixture of habanero pepper, garlic and butter on bread. He suggests that if you can’t find the pepper that you use ginger instead and that he trusts it to be just as effective. [Source]
To put is simply, it kills cancer cells!

A study done at Oregon State University shows turmeric has tumour suppressing functions including cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. It inhibits cell cycles in cells that have a lot of DNA damage and which could become cancerous. This is thanks to the powerful cancer-fighting polyphenol Curcumin.
(If you want to absorb more of the curcumin, cook the turmeric into paste and use that in this smoothie instead. You might also want to add some black pepper, if you don’t mind the taste.)
Top put it simply, it shrinks tumours!
Buy organic turmeric (USA) or (UK)

Garlic Tincture
One large european study found that people who consumed the greatest quantities of garlic had a fifty five to eighty percent reduction of almost all major cancers, that’s a lot.
This is also excellent for the immune system. Many people do not realise how crucial a healthy immune system actually, they just think it keeps away the common cold. Actually, the immune system protects you from diseases, such as Cancer. That is how powerful and important it is.
Buy garlic tincture (USA)  or (UK)

Ripe Bananas
In an experiment carried out by a professor in Tokyo University comparing the various health benefits of different fruits, it was found that banana gave the best results in increasing the number of white blood cells, enhancing the immunity of the body and producing the anti-cancer substance TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor). The riper the banana, the better than anti-cancer quality.

Healthy Fats
Healthy cells are made from healthy saturated fats, such as coconut oil (USA) or (UK). Unstable cells can turn cancerous, so this is very important.

It takes no more than a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day to keep cancer risk away. A natural food preservative, cinnamon is a source of iron and calcium. Useful in reducing tumour growth, it blocks the formation of new vessels in the human body. It is also great in this recipe for it’s blood sugar stabilising effects, and helps to balance out the sugar from the bananas. Make sure to get good quality Ceylon Cinnamon here – (UK) or (USA)

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine by thy cure. – Hippocrates

So now you can get all these amazing ingredients in one delicious smoothie!

The Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe

The Anti-Cancer Smoothie Recipe



  1. Blend everything up in your blender! I use the Magimix Le Blender

This recipe is a little high on the calories, but its healthy calories! It makes for the perfect meal replacement and you can whip this up for breakfast or lunch in no time!

Stay healthy <3
~ Anthea


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